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We are a manufacturer and supplier of Himalayan Pink Salt goods ranging from coarse and fine culinary salt to bright pink Salt animal licks, salt cooking slabs, salt bricks, salt tiles, and even salt inhalers. Our primary goal, with no room for error, is to provide the highest quality Himalayan Pink Salt goods utilising the greatest craftsmanship and premium imported accessories.

To maintain our outstanding success for many years to come, we provide end-to-end services including Best Quality Products, Fast Order Processing, and great customer support. One of our core competencies is providing excellent value to our clients while maintaining world-class quality and service. The aim of MaiPak Salt craft is to provide consumers with the best quality Himalayan crystal salt at the most cost-effective pricing. We also believe that marketing these items will offer individuals with tremendous and long-term health advantages. We provide free sampling to companies all around the world. Simply fill out the attached form to receive a quote for those items, and if you like it, we'll send a sample to you for free!

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