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Practical Maintenance Tips Of Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Salt lamps are one of the most popular and well-known salt products in the market today. They can be found in offices, homes, spas and wherever salt is needed to reduce stress while providing a natural cleansing effect. However, salt lamps or even Himalayan salt for cattle need some care because they are perishable and need to be properly prepared for the best health benefits! In this article, we will discuss step by step how to take care of Himalayan salt lamps so that you do not encounter any problems and always get the most out of them.

Care and maintenance of Himalayan salt lamps 

One of the frequently asked questions is how to place the salt lamp? And another one is how to prevent leaking of the salt lamp? Here is all the information you need to know about tips and tricks for keeping a Himalayan salt lamp. Proper care and maintenance can maintain the beauty and quality of salt lamps for many years. Improper use can cause problems and reduce lamp life.

Why does the Himalayan lamp leak or sweat? 

Salt is hygroscopic — which means it can leak or sweat. Just as salt needs to collect a small amount of water during the dry season, the salt lamp or any other product like Himalayan salt for horses will also collect water and become moist. Himalayan salt lamps purify the surrounding air by absorbing water. As a result, your pink salt lamp will fade or start leaking. This is a natural process in which salt and powdered salt do not differ.

What should I do if the Himalayan salt lamp is leaking? 

Keep your lamp on all day to prevent sweat and loosen your Himalayan salt lamp. Turning the heat on 24/7 or for at least 16 hours a day can make the natural salt crystals warm and help dry out. The heated lamp will emit any excess water, there will be no pumping or burning of another lamp. Since salt light bulbs consume less energy, the cost is lower even if you keep going. Therefore, excessive force is not used. Follow simple tips, for example, place a lamp in a dry place, use a suitable bulb, reduce humidity and place the lamp, and wipe the lamp with a damp cloth when necessary to prevent the Himalayan salt lamp from burning. 

Better Care Tips Of the Himalayan salt products

Although the salt contains Himalayan crystals, it remains. Proper care and maintenance will make the pink salt lamp last for decades.

  • Do not place salt lamps around moisture. Installing salt lamps in high humidity rooms (such as bathrooms, bathrooms, basements, and kitchens) will collect excess water and start sweating.
  • Do not clean the lamp immediately with water or hot water. This causes the salt to melt in the water.
  • Make sure to keep the salt lamp dry. Keeping the salt lamp on for a long time will absorb a lot of water and dry the lamp. This can extend the life of the Himalayan lamp.
  • Be sure to place a salt lamp in the place where the utensils or dishes are placed to avoid spilling on the furniture and to avoid any watermark on the furniture.
  • Use a water absorber in a room where the pink salt lamp is placed. This will reduce all the water in the air and prevent your lamp from burning out.

How to clean your Himalayan salt lamp?

This is just a simple process. Himalayan salt night light contains antiseptic and is able to clean itself thoroughly without washing. But sometimes it can get dusty and needs to be cleaned from time to time.

To clean a Himalayan salt lamp, turn off the light and let it cool down to room temperature. Take a damp microfiber cloth (not a wet cloth) and gently wipe the surface of the lamp to remove dust or dirt. You can also choose stainless steel to ensure that the salt surface is firm so that there is no residue. Finally, turn on the heat to remove excess water and let it dry.

It is important to remember not to rinse the salt lamp immediately in water, or immerse it in water. It is not recommended to clean salt lamps with hot water as the surface of the salt may melt.

Himalayan salt lamp storage tips

To store the salt lamp for a long time, unplug the light cord and place it in a sealed plastic bag, and seal it so that it does not touch the water in the air. You can also wrap it in several plastic bags or films to seal well. In this way, your salt lamp is neutral in humidity and can be stored for a long time.

Best maintenance practices of salt lamp

Clean it with a washcloth:

You don’t have to use anything fancy to clean your fire. Simple soap and water can solve the problem because your lamp will fight bacteria. Lee! The magic of salt.

Clear salt crystals:

Well, this is one of the disadvantages of a salt lamp. The water mixed with the lamp is mixed with salt and then produced saltwater. When water evaporates, salt crystals are released. This is annoying, but luckily you can cut them with a hard plastic tool. Avoid using machinery as it may damage your lamp and cut off non-crystalline parts.

Store in a plastic cover: 

If you are going on vacation or want to install your lights, you have to wrap them with plastic. This will prevent your lamp from absorbing any water when not in use. If you do not have any plastic lids, a plastic bag may look better, but make sure it is sealed!

Avoid washing it:

This may result, but you do not want to put the fire under running water or immerse it in a sink. It can handle a small amount of stained water, but will not survive the shower. The salt will melt, and your hands will be in danger of being electrocuted.

Don’t put it next to speakers:

Even though you may want to use your lights, you still want to be as far away from the speakers as possible. The sound will shake the bulb and go into the lamp, especially if you are the type with the most twisted sound. This can cause the bulb to rotate on its own or make the fuse shorter, which is something you should avoid.

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