Crystalline Rock Salt
October 14, 2021
Rock Salt Animal Licks
October 14, 2021

Black Salt

MAIPAKSalt®’s wide variety of gourmet edible salts also includes black salt which is also sometimes referred to as Himalayan black salt. It is very popular in South Asian households and is also starting to become very widely available across the European region. Black salt or Kala namak is known for its pungent sulfurous smell and it has a very distinct taste. It is commonly used as a
seasoning salt for fruits and salads as it adds a very distinct savory flavor. It is made using pink Himalayan salt which is melted in a furnace together with a unique blend of natural
herbs. The salt then darkens in color and develops a distinctive taste and smell. We have developed a special recipe for black salt which enhances the flavor and color that the black salt is known for. Besides its unique favor, another reason for black salt gaining popularity in Asia is its health benefits. Black salt is known to have a cooling efect on the body and also helps the digestive


OEM Packaging

MAIPAKSalt® specializes in all kinds of packaging including various different types of ziplock bags, WPP bulk bags, HDPE shaker bottles, etc. Our production facility has a completely separate division dedicated to packaging in order to make sure that all requirements of the customer regarding packaging can be catered to. Our packaging department comprises a skilled labor force that has the specific
expertise and experience related to packaging techniques. With the help of state-of-the-art infrastructure and the expertise of our team, we can tackle all requirements of our customers. The Separate division for packaging ensures that we can offer a very wide range of customization options for packaging.
Our diverse range of options in packaging makes sure that our customers have the option of choosing the right kind of materials suitable for the business and the market that they are catering to. The options do not come with a very high price tag as our facilities focus on ensuring economies of scale so that the costs incurred on all items are managed appropriately. Hence, outsourcing packaging to us saves or
customers a lot more time and money to focus on their core product. Some of our most common OEM packaging items include bags, printed PE pouches, transparent PE pouches, PET grinders, PET jars, plastic shakers, glass jars, glass/ceramic grinders etc.


Private Label Packaging

We also offer our own private label brands to resellers around the world to sell as their own brands, For customers that don’t want to work on developing their own customized brand, we offer them the option of our own private label brands to sell as their own, This reduces the efforts of the reseller to a great
extent as there is no need for designing the packaging and restrictions of MOQ. Our customers get the option of selling a brand that is already developed in the market at very competitive prices, This also
helps buyers that don’t want to start with large scale volumes as the MOQs for our private label packaging brands are considerably lower as compared to developing their own customized brand packaging. We offer all our products in private label packaging under different sub-brands which include the Himalayan Secrets brand for food-grade pink Himalayan salt and pink Himalayan salt lamps. Also, Organic Secrets brand for our natural salt-based
beauty products and bath salts.