himalayan cattle salt
Himalayan Salt For Cattle
September 6, 2021
Crystalline Rock Salt
October 14, 2021

Food Grade Pink Salt

There are various grades of salt available for the edible market. We are also providing salt to many packers and suppliers, Our edible grades are used in numerous food-related industries like bread making, confectionery, bakery, cereals, butter, cheese, pickles, and spices, etc,


Salt is used in bread manufacturing for the stability of the wheat gluten and helps lower the rate of fermentation. Salt also acts as a starter to culture micro-organisms and helps modify enzyme activity in the production of cheese. In pickles, it helps in controlling microbial and pyrogenic growth and thus provides the conditions conducive for fermentation. MAIPAKSaltĀ® also specializes in the manufacturing and research of forti_ed salts like lodized Salt which is forti_ed with lodine and is essential for the prevention of Goiter. In Pakistan according to rough estimate 20 million people reside in the endemic goitrous areas and about 8 million of these are su_ering from one or the other form of (IDD) lodine De_ciency Disorders. One million of these people are victims of mental retardation, which e_ects school performance and other activities adversely. Use of lodized salt is the easiest and cheapest means for the supplementation of lodine. The recommended concentration at the manufacturing stage of lodine is 50 parts per million in salt.