edible himalayan pink salt
Edible Himalayan Salt
May 18, 2021
pink himalayan salt lamp
Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles
May 18, 2021

Himalayan Salt For Animals

Salt Licks are 100% natural and additive-free deposits of mineral salts for farms as well as other domestic animals to supplement their nutrition.


Himalayan Salt Licks in particular are 100% natural and pure forms of Mineral Salts formed over 250 million years ago as a direct result of massive geological changes and earthquakes that trapped ancient oceans beneath the earth’s crust. These trapped oceans, over the course of roughly 250 million years
crystallized and formed Rock Salt and we have made this ancient rock salt available to supplement the varied dietary needs of living beings. It is also the preferred choice for dairy farms, stable horses,
cattle, sheep, camels, buffaloes, etc. Typically, free choice salt intake for cattle and horses is
between 1 and 2 oz, per day. However, that alone is not enough as trace elements are also required which are unavailable in normal salt. Himalayan Salt Licks are consumed by the animals on demand depending on animals’ species and their specific needs, They provide convenience and really work! The presence of 84 natural minerals and trace elements in this rock salt makes it the ultimate choice for the healthy and nourished growth of animals.