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September 6, 2021
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September 6, 2021

Worth Buying Himalayan Salt For Horses

Just like humans need nourishment through food, animals require the same. For horses, we have Himalayan salt that is mainly given to them by hanging the salt on the rope, or even as a lamp. You will never get any form of purest salt other than Himalayan pink salt. We mine the pure Himalayan salt for horses from the Himalayas in Pakistan.
Our method of making the best Himalayan salt for your animals like horses is simple yet effective. We handpick the salt, wash and clean it, crush it, and then dry it in the sun. The whole procedure allows us to bring you the best salt for the nourishment of your horse.
Unlike table or refined salt, our pure pink salt is very effective for all purposes.


Himalayan Horses Salt Available At The Best Price

Like humans, horses also sweat. Since they have a heavy workout, they require salts and minerals which boost their energy while keeping them active and healthy. Most of the horses prefer to have Himalayan salt over white salt. However, you can give your horse our Himalayan horses salt in summers as they sweat, which lets their body excrete salt. You can add our salt to their food, hang it on the rope, or add in the drinking water.
We aim to provide our customers with the best yet reliable products. Hence, our pink salt consists of all the natural minerals, which are essential for the body.

Why it is the best choice for horses?

From the vast Himalayas in ancient times, these licks were sources of millions of five hundred and fifty years for horses or ponies. The pink scent comes from high minerals, including iron, potassium, and magnesium, which are important for maintaining good health. Salt licks are produced using added salt and minerals during the manufacturing process, but this is not the case with the horse’s Himalayan salt because the minerals are usually salt. Himalayan salt licks are “hard”, which means that horses and ponies can’t eat large pieces from the block, which is more problematic than using soft “salt” licks. These licks are more weather-resistant, which means they can be left in the wild safely, allowing horses to ‘control themselves. We found that horses were more similar to other salt shakers! Available in small (2.2 lbs), medium (6.6 lbs), or block (4.4 lbs, 2 ”x4” x8 ”). The small and medium leaflets include strings. The 4.4 lb salt bar fits most people holding a salt barrier. There are no strings attached.