himalayan salt for bath
Bath Salt
May 18, 2021

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Decor

Two Hundred and fifty million years ago when the earth was still in the formation process, Mother Nature was at work for the betterment of still to come mankind. Massive geological changes and temperature to the extremes caused ancient oceans to get trapped under the crust of molten lava which formed a solid crust, The trapped oceans under the crust crystallized eventually over
the span of millions of years. The crystallization of these ancient oceans proved to provide for man’s one of the most important survival needs, salt, as we now know in modern ages has been there since the advent of time, and just as vital now as it was millions of years ago.


Today salt is as important for us as air and water, serving our needs in domestic as well as commercial purposes. From the depth of
the mountains and under the layers of the earth’s crust, nature has given us the priceless gift of rock salt. Research and experience have proven the healthy and therapeutic benefits of this rock salt, especially if it glows with a certain heat from within. This results in the discharge of negative ions. Our everyday gadgets such as television sets, computers, microwaves, radios, artificial air-conditioning, dryers, vacuum cleaners, even smoking pollute our air with positively charged ions. Negative ions emitting from
rock salt lamps freshen the atmosphere and improve air quality by removing harmful positively charged particles from the air, thus also serving as natural air purifiers. Furthermore, negative ions have also proven to be very helpful in healing illnesses such as asthma, sinuses, lung congestion, skin troubles, rheumatism, neurotic system diseases, allergies, stress, fatigue, to name a few. We have carefully selected solid rock salt, pure and rich in minerals, and are pleased to offer them in different shapes, sizes, and designs to the world, Our products offer priceless health benefits as well as decoration purposes due to their unique look. In the high country and near waterfalls, fresh air carries around 4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter, whereas in big cities, during rush hours and traffic jams, the negative ions do not exceed more than 100 to 120 per cubic centimeter, The presence of
negative ions in the atmosphere creates a state of well-being. An astonishing small quantity of negative ions could kill bacteria and
quickly take them out of the air so they are less likely to cause infections.
Rock Salt Crystal Lamps are highly suitable for daily use near televisions, computers, around smokers, in offices with airconditioning,
during massage therapy, in meditation rooms, and anywhere else you want to restore and preserve the natural air quality.
People with dementia are amongst the most vulnerable in our society. Symptoms often need to be treated expediently, and drugs, although moderately effective, can be hazardous.
Salt Lamps are particularly effective for aromatherapy, Not only do these aromatic dispensers disperse the compounds that help your body but they give triple benefits. They give of light that is necessary to avoid depression and create a pleasant surrounding. They give of ions that create a healthy microclimate and they disperse healthy aromas into the atmosphere, Salt crystals, thanks to
its chemical composition is an ideal source of negative ions.


Negative ions cleanse the air of


Pollen (grass, weed and tree pollen)
Dust mites
Animal dander
Mold spores



Negative ions help relieve symptoms of:

Hay Fever
Seasonal affective disorder
Chronic fatigue
Compression of Sinuses and nasal cavities
Lungs congestion



At Home:
• Purifies air and improves air quality for a healthier life.
• Makes the environment cozy and relaxing,
• Reduces all-day fatigue.
• A good decoration in your living room and bedroom.
• These Rock Salt Lamps absorb cigarette smoke, smell and
make the environment more pleasant.
• They also remove the negative toxins from the air that
result from smoking.
• Helps clean the air of all impurities and makes the environment ideal for meditation,
• Calms down one’s physical as well as mental fatigue.
For Your Children:
• Ideal to place by your child’s bedside.
• Improves physical and mental growth in children.
• Gives your child pure and fresh air to breathe in.
An ingenious endeavor of MAIPAK is seen in the form of high-quality traditional as well as carved, and shaped salt lamps. We believe in the therapeutic qualities
of our salt lamps and take great care in choosing salty rocks that are free from artificial impurities.
At Work:
• Minimizes stress levels.
• Improves physical as well as mental capabilities as a direct result of fresh clean and healthy air.
• Minimizes positive ions from the atmosphere that come from the use of computers,
• Controls and reduces the electromagnetic rays emitting from the computer screens.

The color of salt lamp ranges in hues of red, orange, apricot, and white, no two lamps are ever the same since
they are made out of natural rocks that vary in tones and shades of color even if they come from the same
salt mine.
Our salt lamps come fully assembled with UL, CSA, CE approved power cords, bulbs, and switches, Please
specify your country to get the appropriate plug type when placing an order.
When you choose to take home a piece of the earth with you, be sure it comes with the quality of
Order with complete confidence for we select and ship only the finest quality salt lamps. We shrink-wrap and
pack them carefully to ensure they arrive safely and in the best condition.

Healing Process:

Research one ects of these salt lamps shows improved healing from several illnesses.
Patients with asthma, sinuses, allergies, blood pressure, etc. have reported feeling healthier and more rigorous, and
energetic while using salt lamps.
Salt lamps are greatly helpful for burn victims. The presence of a high concentration of negative ions in the air
reduces the growth of bacteria and accelerates the healing of burnt skin.