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May 18, 2021
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May 18, 2021


Himalayan salt kitchenware products are both useful and attractive to have in your kitchen, They are beautifully designed and crafted, MaiPak Salt brings you Himalayan salt kitchenware products which is made of 100% natural salt, extracted from the Himalayan mountains It will give your kitchen a unique and different look, Serving food in Himalayan salt plates will make your experience amazing. MaiPak salt have variety of different kind of Himalayan kitchenware salt products, which includes cooking plates that can add more sizzle to your dishes and you will experience the naturally wonderful taste of Himalayan Salt. The beautifully crafted round shaped bowls are also part of the Himalayan kitchenware salt range, Salt bowls with a round shape are ideal for serving vegetable or fruit salads. This salt dish is the right size to carry a sufficient amount of salad for people. These bowls can also be used to serve chocolate or cream. We also have the lovely Himalayan salt mortar and pestle that might come in handy in the kitchen. This mortar pestle may be your ideal culinary partner for crushing spices and salt, as well as grinding mint and herbs for producing wonderful chutneys and pesto. Although electronic grinders provide excellent results, they mask the actual flavour of the spices and herbs. The taste of spices comes out beautifully when physically crushing them in a mortar. The spices and herbs will have a natural saltiness and wonderful texture thanks to this mortar and pestle. Due to its form and colour, it will also look stunning in the kitchen.